Monday, 28 February 2011


16 yr old Student  Gets RICH , makes Millions Online, meet Christian Owens

At 16, christian owens becomes gets really RICH through his website. Many online money makers are inspired of Christian Owens who actually inspired on Steve Jobs, CEO – Apple Inc.,  I figured out the apple design in his websites and can see he is a big fan of Apple Products, where the layout and features of his web application is very user friendly and feels great to use.
He is an entrepreneur, made another million dollars today ONLINE. Christian owens actually running an online business Mac Bundle Box, which helped him to make 17,00,000 pounds since its launch in 2008.Still gets a monthly revenue of 1 lac dollars. This has made him rich! Mac Bundle Box basically delivers mac software products online at a very low price to its users, also 10% from the money directed to charity.

He launched advertising pay-per-click online company Branchr a year later and worked on the company after school and at weekends. Branchr was a smash hit with internet sites, money amounting to £15,00,000 in its first year and now counts betting site William Hill and social networking site MySpace as devoted clients. Christian, from Corby, Northants., currently employs eight adult workers around the UK and America as sales and technical assistants and plans to get richer in the next year.
The youngster, who lives with his parents, company secretary Alison, 43 and factory worker dad Julian, 50, was inspired to go into business after watching Apple CEO Steve Jobs storm to success. Guess what he does not think he is rich enough yet!He invests the majority of his earnings back into his businesses and is determined to make £100 million with Branchr in the future.
He said: ‘I really wanted to create something groundbreaking and simple, that would revolutionize the way advertising works.
There is no doubt, he will revolutionize the online  market in near future. My hearty wishes to him to reach his goal soon.
‘Mac Box Bundle was already becoming a success but I really wanted to push myself and do something different, so I came up with the idea of Branchr. ‘I think everyone has business sense in them, they just need to gain experience and be determined to make it. ‘My friends and I don’t really talk about my success, to them I’m just a normal teenager and it doesn’t change anything between us. ‘There is no magical formula to business, it takes hard work, determination and the drive to do something great.
He also added, ‘My aim is to become a leading name in the world of internet and mobile advertising and push myself right to the top of the game.
I am sure the new millionaire made you to inspire a lot and positively he gives us the clear light of possibilities to make money online in shorter time and get rich with proper time investments. Internet has become an essential one everywhere, so people who create web applications to simplify the process of end users really rocks in the internet space.

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